Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

How to Shop

Do you just sell decals?

Nope. I can apply your decal to a variety of items including coffee mugs, stainless steel tumblers, journals, mood cups, and more. Truth be told, it's less expensive for you to order just the decals and apply them to your own items at home, but I'm happy to do it for you if you would rather receive a complete product.

OK, so how do I order add-on items?

Choose your decal, and leave the size as the default 3". Go to Add-On Items and add any product you like. We'll perfectly size and apply your decal and ship you the complete, customized product!

About the Decals

What kind of vinyl do you use?

Decals are made with permanent adhesive vinyl (Oracal 651). Application instructions will be included. Decals are removable but not reusable. This vinyl is rated to last six years in outdoor elements. It is safe to apply to the exterior of cups, glasses, and dishes. Hand washing is recommended to prolong the life of the design.

Why does my decal have these grid lines on it?

Don't worry - the grid lines won't be on the finished product! Your decal is actually three layers: A backing to protect the adhesive on the vinyl, the vinyl design itself, and a clear layer of transfer tape on top. When you're ready to apply your decal, you'll peel the clear layer off the backing layer. The decal will stick to the clear transfer tape. Use the grid lines to help you line up your decal just right. Then, slowly peel the clear layer off the surface. Only your gorgeous new vinyl sticker will be left behind!

How do I apply my decal?

I have detailed application instructions available right here.

Will I be able to remove my decal?

Yes! The adhesive is very sticky and made to last up to six years even outdoors. However, you can peel it off! Keep in mind, you'll destroy the vinyl in the process because it will stretch and tear, so don't expect to reuse it after you remove it. If any sticky residue is left behind, you can remove it with a product called Goo Gone. (Just make sure it's safe for your chosen surface.)

About the Design Process

Can you really make anything?

Well, no, not anything. I'm not a graphic designer and can't make elaborate designs from scratch. If you have a design that you created or that you have rights to use, I can probably turn it into a decal. I can turn any text into a decal, but I reserve the right to cancel orders if I find the content offensive or hurtful. Bold lines and graphics work best for vinyl stickers, especially smaller ones. Tiny details can get lost in the cutting process, so I'll let you know if I need to change or simpifly a design to make it work as a sticker.

Can I see my design before you make it?

Yes! If your order is straightforward like a name or monogram in a design shown on my site, I'll go ahead and make that and ship it right to you. However, if you ask for a custom or modified design, like "I want my name and a peacock," I'll put together a couple options and email them to you for approval before I make it. If you want to change my original design options, please try to make all your change requests at once. Additional revisions will each result in a $5 fee.

Shipping and Returns

When will I get my order?

Orders ship within 1-3 business days. If an order will take longer than this for any reason, I'll contact you to let you know ASAP. Most orders are shipped via USPS by first class mail or in some cases Priority Mail.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes and no :) If you live in my immediate area (near area code 78717), we can arrange for local pickup or delivery. If you are outside that area, we will ship your order. If you aren't sure if we will allow for local pickup, please email us at [email protected] to ask before placing your order. If you choose local pickup and aren't actually local, we will invoice you for shipping costs.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping of any number of decals is 75 cents. Shipping costs for add-on items vary by the item weight and start at $5 per order.

Do you give refunds?

We do not accept returns of custom products. However, if you find a defect in your item, please contact us within seven days of receiving your order at [email protected] We will work with you to make it right!

If you purchased an in-stock item that was not a custom order, we will accept a return. We will not refund original shipping costs, and you are responsible for paying the return shipping costs. Items must be returned to within 30 days of receipt, and they must be in their original, unused condition.